Player LEVEL 1-2

Level 1:
It is the corresponding level of those who play paddle for the first time.

Level 2:
The player has the following characteristics:
RIGHT: Incomplete gesture (swing), lack of directional control, slow ball speed. REVÉS: Avoid the reverse, erratic hit, hilt problems, incomplete gesture.
SERVICE / REST: Incomplete gesture, usually commits double faults, inconsistent ball pot, rest with many problems.
VOLEA: Avoid going up to the net, avoid the volley of reves, bad positioning of feet
REBOTES: It can not return any rebound.
GAME STYLE: Familiar with the basic positions, although it is frequently positioned incorrectly
* Levels 1-2 would correspond to category C of the different tournaments of the International Padel Experience by Madison.
Always calculating this level in an approximate way.

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